Return Path recently conducted a new "Subscriber Experiences" study, subscribing to and studying email programs of 61 top-brand companies from the US. The findings were surprising, to say the least.

Eighty five percent of companies failed to personalize the first email message sent to new subscribers. This lack of customization, combined with other missed opportunities, leaves marketers unable to leverage the true power of email marketing.

Other missed opportunities found in the study:

  • 75% of the companies collected information in the signup process that they could have easily used to personalize their emails - but didn’t.
  • 60% of the companies studied never sent a welcome message to new subscribers - missing out on an ideal opportunity to establish great rapport with new subscribers.
  • The companies studied sent their first regular email an average of nine days after a subscriber joined. In addition, 65% of those first regular email messages did not contain any special offer for the new subscriber.

"As marketers continue expanding their use of email, they need to keep in mind the unique capabilities that email offers. If you’re collecting information in addition to an email address when a person signs up, you should be using that information to create a personalized message. Personalization keeps subscribers involved with your brand and more inclined to purchase," said Bonnie Malone Fry, RP’s Director of Strategic Services.

For more details, read the full article about the Return Path study findings here.