An email marketing program will help your salon stay ahead of your competition and drive revenue upwards by bringing in more clients to your store during peak season.

The first thing you have to do is collect a list of subscribers. When elementary schools and high schools are gearing up for their proms, or during the holiday season when everyone is preparing for big family affairs or parties, you will have a greater number of people walking in to your store. What a perfect time to have them sign up for promotions on manicures, pedicures, colorings and trims! Offering these discounts at high traffic times will helps to convert a random walk-in into a regular. Your consumer will suddenly feel like a valued customer.

Also, during regular seasons and peak seasons, having a sign-up box on your website will bring people, SEARCHING for a salon, into your shop on a REGULAR basis. Offering people a promotion for a service they were going to use anyway, helps make their decision on which beauty salon to choose much easier. On one hand you are meeting a new customer, and making them happy; on the other you are staying ahead of the local competition!

So, now have your first email addresses. The next step is to sign up for an email marketing program account. Signing up is quite simple. An email marketing program is created in order that the most basically educated, and untrained computer person can benefit from email marketing. Now, sift through the well organized sections that hold the email marketing program templates. Find one that suits your needs and store image, and then create your first campaign. Creating your campaign is equally as simple. An email marketing program templates are user-friendly, so much so that all you have to do is put your text (or copy and paste it), and upload the images you have stored on your computer.

Here are a few secrets to think about when using your email marketing program to create a campaign: Do not use too much bolding, italics, and capital lettering in the body section or the subject line of your campaign. Additionally, try not to put too many pictures of your products without also adding lots of text to balance out the amount of images with words to describe why they are there. Using symbols like "&", "$" or "!!!" in your subject line shouldn't be used either. All these methods are normally used to attract attention, so they also end up attracting spam filters. Overusing them will not allow your email access to your subscribers' inbox. Rather the campaign will land in their spam or junk folder.

The next thing to do is click a button to schedule your email marketing program campaign and it will go out to the customers on your list at the date and time you chose.

As a salons owner and operator, using an email marketing program will have a large impact on how many return customers you have. The more customers coming back to your store, the higher your revenues will reach. An email marketing program can provide you with added business and potentially grow your client base over time. This is a cost effective way to keep ahead of your competition. Remember that your timing, i.e. during peak seasons will have an even greater impact on how many people you reach. Use an email marketing program trim the competition and polish your sales numbers!