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Autoresponders Are Not An Option, They are Necessary For Your Online Survival
Joseph Adams
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By Joseph Adams
Published on 03/26/2009
When you go on holiday do you set your e-mail to no mail, and set an e-mail component which will tell people from whom you receive e-mail, that you are not receiving mail because you are on vacation? That is a very simple autoresponder.

This is a useful way to give information to people. It also informs people that you would reply to their e-mail only when you get back from your vacation.

From a business point of view, an autoresponder could be a vital component in helping you to keep in touch with your customers. Especially if you have a large list of people you wish to impart information.

Autoresponders are also known as eMailer, autobot, or mailbot. All of them work by automatically replying to emails. They save time and effort. And can be a crucial part of your on-line business.

One of the advantages of auto responders is that it works for you 24 hours 7 days a week; while you sleep they're still working for you. They work on websites, for instance, a visitor is asked to fill in a form with their name and e-mail address. This is produced with an auto responder installed on the website. It collects the information and stores it for future use or it might be directed to another action such as sending further information to the visitor who filled in the form.

The visitor would probably receive an e-mail with information about your product and gives them an opportunity to respond positively to your e-mail. Choosing a suppler for your auto responder is also important, research different suppliers until you find one that suits your needs.

There are different types of auto responders and services:

Here are some examples of auto responder services:

One of the most popular auto responder services is a web based Internet service, often provided by your service provider. The auto responder sends e-mails to the visitor who has requested more information about your products or services. Because the visitor gives their e-mail it is not considered spam.

To place a auto responder on another site you need to give the HTML code you received from your responder service to your webmaster or place it on the site yourself if you know how.

Auto responders are easy to install, they don't take up valuable host space, and you are not required to sort out information. The service provider will take care of everything, storing visitor's information and sending the e-mails.

Autoresponders programs (scripts):

You could also acquire software called autoresponder scripts. These programs are flexible and can be used on more than one website at the same time. A programmer will write the script for you, customize it to suit your needs. There are different price ranges but with a bit of research you will find the right one at the right price.

Autoresponders programs can be set up to suit the client's needs and can support multiple e-mailings.

How to set up an auto responder:

Autoresponders generate the HTML code which you will need to paste onto your web site. Suitable placement is important; a good idea would be to position the autoresponder web form right immediately a special offer, such as a free subscription, this will attract the visitor to not only respond to the special offer but to sign up for the free subscription. You need to the visitor to fill in the form with their names and e-mails.

Once the visitor has filled in the form they are then taken to a welcome reply which you've composed, it then introduces detailed information about your product for the visitor to consider your product. Because it is impossible to deal with maybe thousands of potential requests for information, autoresponders are a powerful Internet marketing tool to perform this service.