Constant Contact offers do-it-yourself email marketing and surveys, and in my view is the ESP of choice for:

  • People who’d like to create a good-looking HTML email quickly. Of the ESP’s I’ve looked into so far, Constant Contact has the prettiest ready-made HTML email templates, and the widest range of choices. All you need to do is pick a template and customize, and if you have all your content ready, you can pretty much have your email design ready in an hour.
  • Companies who send lots of emails to a small to medium-sized list. Constant Contact pricing is dependent on the number of subscribers on your list, not the number of emails you send.

What I like about it: Pretty templates and the per-contact pricing

What I don’t like about it: All outgoing emails have a Constant Contact logo at the bottom right, which you absolutely cannot remove. Also, you can only host up to 5 images on their site with the basic plan. To host more, you have to upgrade to the Premium Image hosting (an extra $5 per month). Lastly, they don’t have an autoresponder feature.

Pricing: dependent on number of contacts in your list. Starts at $15 per month for 0-500 contacts.

Free Trial details: Email free for 60 days to up to 100 contacts. (You have to pay if you have more than 100)