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9 Real World Common Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Not every email marketing best practice is an obvious one. In fact, in our experience at ClickMail Marketing, there are quite a few best practices that companies seem to look over or deliberately ignore. The result? The opposite of best practices, or what we kindly call “common email marketing mistakes” rather than worst practices.

7 Digital Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Email List

Though growing your email database takes time and effort, when done correctly, it will house your most qualified and responsive leads. A well structured email database will enable you to boost sales with more targeted messages and offers, extend the lifecycle of any campaign and increase customer retention with regular and relevant communications. Consider the following techniques to acquire new leads and grow your email list with success...

Put Your Welcome Message to Work with the Welcome Message Checklist

When people invite you into their home or office, you know whether you feel welcomed even if it’s tough to pinpoint exactly why. Do your hosts reach out to you with a handshake or hug? Do their tones and expressions tell you they’re thrilled to see you? Several subtleties contribute to welcoming you into a new place—why should welcome emails be any different?

Know the Lingo - Email Anatomy from Head to Footer

Diving headlong into the world of email creative is tough if you don’t have all the lingo down. Here’s a handy cheat sheet for those who are still polishing their grasp on the glossaries, and a brush up on definitions and best practices for those who already know their stuff.

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