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    5 Tools to Improve Your Email Marketing

    With emails flooding inboxes, the pressure is on to deliver highly compelling and creative communications that rise above the clutter. Yet some marketers are still clinging stubbornly to the same stale email campaigns they've had for years. The good news is there are new innovations and proven tactics for better engaging customers and driving revenue. Here are five...

    Successful Tactics to Increase Clicks

    Most messages sent by email marketers seek to entice recipients to click on a link, and increasing click rates is one of the most common goals of our Strategic engagements. There are many factors that can affect click rates, but in this article we'll focus on the links themselves and some tactics to employ--and avoid

    How to Avoid the FISUE Syndrome

    I have an explanation for why people click the spam button on so-called "legitimate" email: the "Forgot I Signed Up for Email" (FISUE) Syndrome.

    This often happens when people sign up for Webinars, free trials or buy something online. They either forgot they signed up or didn't realize that being added to your regular email program came with their transaction. You must make a clear case to your subscribers that your email is in their inboxes at their invitation. If not, FISUE Syndrome will claim another victim.

    Are You Using These Preheader Text Up-and-Comers?

    Preheader text is HTML text that appears before or sometimes within the header of an email. It's important and growing in popularity because of the prevalence of image blocking by email subscribers and the increasing use of image-unfriendly mobile devices to view email. Those two trends make preheader text vital as both a promotional and functional tactic.

    Does Your Email Have Personality? Inject It with Some!

    There is so much clutter in the adsphere these days, sometimes it takes some ingenuity to get heard. You not only want people opening and reading your email marketing campaigns, you even want them to look forward to it. One way to do this is to give your email some personality.

    Email Header Tips to Get Your Message Opened

    Tweets. Pokes. Tags. It's as if anything that reads more than 140 characters in length (spaces included) these days is deemed Tolstoyesque. (This opening line comes in at 139, btw.)

    We're living in a time when microscopic attention spans are the norm. And the need for bold, meaningful email headers has never been more important for engaging your recipient base. So don't let your header be a last-minute design consideration.

    Short Or Long Copy In Newsletters: What's The Smart Choice?

    Recently I read a quote from an email expert who flatly stated, "the purpose of email is to get people to click on links." Really?

    Certainly, promotional emails fall into the "drive 'em to the Web site" category because most sales are closed on the Web. But email newsletters can be of more than one kind -- ranging from snippets of copy with links leading back to the Web site right up to full articles in the email itself. So, which should you choose? Here are some guidelines.

    What 'Free' Means For Email Marketers

    by Morgan Stewart - Despite the debates that have surfaced about the viability of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube or the future of publishing, there is consensus about the digital age having ushered in an era where information and ideas are abundant. Regardless of whether these companies can develop sustainable business models, the fact remains that there is more free information available to consumers than at any prior point in history.

    I dare not attempt an exhaustive list of the implications the information abundance era will have on email marketing, but here are a few of the things that I believe we are already seeing as a result.

    Transactional Emails: Make Your First Impression Count

    by Loren Mcdonald - Transactional messages are a golden opportunity to engage with customers: to introduce or extend the email relationship with customers or subscribers, to anticipate and answer questions or to cross-sell or up-sell products or services. Yet, many marketers don't take advantage of this easy and obvious benefit.

    5 Reasons to Send Your Next Email Campaign

    Sometimes we all sit down in front of the computer monitor getting ready to create an email marketing campaign and we're stuck. We don't know where to begin but we know we need to, because every time we write about something interesting, we end up reminding our customers why they liked us in the first place. I've written about writer's block before, but I thought more ideas would be great to get those creative juices flowing.

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